About BYU-I Data Science

Integrated Data Science

Since 2017 we have built our undergraduate data science program to be industry-focused. Through our curriculum you will be capable in Python, R, SQL. You will be able to leverage the tools of data science to tackle any aspect of the data science process.

Program Values

As BYU-Idaho data science majors we choose observation, experimentation, and curiosity over the facade of knowing and the fear of being wrong. We celebrate our successes and lift each other as we struggle through ideas, concepts, and completion. Each of us craves the collaboration of a team to solve complex problems and supports our community through effective listening and clear communication. Finally, we provide analytics with integrity and an ethical compass.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the core programming languages of a data science professional.
  2. Establish a foundation in statistical modeling and mathematical reasoning.
  3. Do exploratory analyses of complex and ‘large’ unformatted data across varied domain applications.
  4. Use machine learning and statistics for inferential decision making in business and science.
  5. Enrich and demonstrate team based collaborative skills necessary for careers as a data scientist.
  6. Understand the ethical and moral implications of data science applications.